JAMP SVORADA s.r.o. (Ltd.) Company is a production and trading company specializing in the area of engineering, construction, cutting operations, locksmithery and assembling as well. Thanks to the systematic implementation of suitable technology into the production, since the Company creation in the year 1990, utilization of appropriate methods in management, and by both, the flexibility, and investments into the new technological processes and into the education as well, and by the top quality of our services and products we rise to become and also we achieved undoubtedly our position on the European and on the World market as well, what proves our export value: it is 90% of the manufactured goods.

Thanks to the versatility of our production environment and to broad production range in the commodity sector as well, our Company is able to provide top-quality and professional services and products being up to the highest quality according to ISO 9000:01 and 9001:2000 standards.

We are looking forward to our prospective collaboration Milan Svorada - Firm-owner